Santa Cruz Reserve 30 Carbon 29″ Wheelset


Santa Cruz Reserve 30 Carbon 29″ Wheelset


Santa Cruz Bicycles has a history of proving how strong and durable carbon fiber is. Five years ago, they release a video which definitively debunked every skeptics fear about the long-term durability of carbon fiber frames. When it came time to introduce their new carbon Reserve wheelset, they took the same approach. This is where the legendary Danny MacAskill comes into the picture. Santa Cruz gave Danny a pair of reserve wheels and told him to destroy them anyway he could. After multiple failed attempts to destroy the wheels riding down stairs with zero tire pressure and casing huge caps to 90-degree corners, he finally destroyed the rear rim by riding down over 100 stairs with no tire on the rim whatsoever. This video showed that anything you could possibly experience on the trail would never hurt this wheelset.

To say the least, the Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon wheels are the strongest on the market. Features such as the thickness of the rim bead, asymmetrical spoke profile, and external spoke hole reinforcements make the wheels nearly indestructible. I only say nearly because apparently riding down 100 stairs with no tire can do the trick, but these conditions would never arise while riding a trail for obvious reasons. The Reserve wheels are built around three different hubs. The DT-Swiss 350, I9 Torch, or Chris King. All these hubs provide superb performance and durability creating a perfect overall package.


  • Asymetrical spoke pattern improves spoke balance and spoke bracing
  • Thick rim bead offers incredible resistance to impacts on the trails
  • Reinforced spoke holes provide increased strength and durability
  • Lifetime warranty: No gimmicks, not limited. If you break this wheel, you’ll get another one for free, no questions asked.


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