Wahoo Kickr Core



Built to live up to its legendary namesake, KICKR CORE Smart Trainer delivers a realistic, accurate and quiet indoor ride. Designed with the toughest cyclists in mind, KICKR CORE is made to endure and withstand your most intense training sessions, watt for watt – season after season.

KICKR CORE delivers a realistic, accurate, and quiet indoor training experience by using the proven flywheel technology, advanced algorithms, and integrated cadence measurement that originated with the iconic KICKR smart trainer.

KICKR CORE is compatible with 8, 9, 10, and 11-speed cassettes and gives you the flexibility of adding your preferred cassette to the trainer so that you can fully mimic your outdoor groupset. The Wahoo Fitness app offers guided set-up instructions to fine-tune your ride and start training!

KICKR CORE is compatible with KICKR Trainer Accessories, including the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator and KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan, allowing you to build the ideal setup for your training needs.


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