Elite Real Axiom


The Elite Real Axiom is a highly advanced electronic wireless training roller (wireless ANT).

Thanks to the interaction with the PC, it allows you to train by displaying a real path that runs at your own speed and recreating the real slope of that path, offering a road experience. absolutely realistic.

The technical characteristics of Real Axiom B+ make this roller a professional tool for indoor cycling training: the high powers that the roller can generate (more than 1200 Watts at 40 Km / h, for example) allow you to correctly simulate slopes up to 10%.
the large flywheel allows exceptional pedaling roundness even at high powers / slopes.

The oversized roller where the wheel rests is made of Elastogel: it reduces tire wear and increases silence.

The “Fast Fixing” locking system facilitates the assembly and removal of the bike from the support frame.

The Real Software allows you to analyze and view all aspects of training.

New Swing System Frame

The new Swing System frame guarantees the biomechanics of training allowing the cyclist and the bike to move as on the road.

Compatible with the My E-Training

App The My E-Training App, available on smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android, allows an interactive, exciting and stimulating indoor workout. Compatible with Ant and Bluetooth Smart sensors.

My E-Training displays and manages power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data.

My E-Training includes:

  • My RealVideo: Train with RealVideo Elite and download hundreds of My RealVideo created by Real users for free.
  • Base Training: workouts at constant power, at levels, at set programs.
  • Training test: generates a month of personalized indoor training through an evaluation test.
  • Racing maps: create routes all over the world thanks to Google Maps.
  • Multi-user: the App can be used by multiple users on the same device.
  • Simplified training program creation: new graphic editor to easily create new programs.
  • Video Playlist: create a playlist with the videos of the device to accompany the training.
  • Share results: all training data can be saved, exported (CSV – comma separated values, Strava Tcx format) and shared on social networks to monitor their performance over time.

Complete simulation cycle for a professional training

Real Axiom B+ replaces the outputs on rainy, snowy or windy days, or in the evening when it is dark, on long winter days but can also be used all year round, to prepare the cyclist for the races most important and evaluate the progression of the preparation.

The roller automatically adjusts the resistance according to the selected path.
The video of the route synchronized with the speed of the bike appears on the computer screen. In addition, all training parameters such as speed, power, heart rate, pedaling cadence, slope, time are displayed and saved.


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